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Lead Pastor

Pastor Rick Bloom
Lead Pastor
Rick Bloom

Ministry://  Pastor Rick is the lead pastor and oversees all pastors and ministries here at Pacific Christian Center, as well as the chairman of the church and school boards.

Family://  Pastor Rick is married to Jan Bloom.  They have 3 kids (Laura, Bobby, & Debbie), and 6 grandkids (Stephanie, Lanie, Branden, Ricky, Priscilla and Paul).  

BEFORE PCC://  Before Pastor Rick came to Pacific, he served in the US Navy during the Vietnam War.  Pastor Rick has been a senior pastor since 1967 in 5 different churches.

Dream Day Off://  His dream day off would consist of going to the beach, walking, reading, and then having a fish dinner.

Someone who has deeply IMPACTED his life://  Pastor Rick's father has been a huge encouragement in his life and has taught him how to serve God and people.

Interests://  Walking, reading, and spending time with his wife, Jan.

Favorite Food://  Meat, potatoes, green peas, and milk.

Favorite Movie://  The Cross and the Switchblade.

WHAT MAKES HIM UNIQUE://  Pastor Rick was a hotcaseman on a large gun battery on the USS Hornet.

Testimony://  Near the end of his time in the Navy, Pastor Rick was led to the Lord by a Teen Challenge worker on the Pike in Long Beach.    

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